Topics for conversation

Update 11 March 2017:  The first posts are up. We -wrongly – tackled an abstract question (b) first, when we should have dived in with the practicalities.
We are going to have a word limit (a ceiling, not a target) of 1000 words per person per post, inclusive of references.
Also, every post  will “be a response to a real incident, either something bad or something you/S have tried to do differently, so starting with an ‘in practice’ not consigning it to the end” (h/t a certain amazing feminist).
APRIL 2017
“What can/should (junior) academics do in (academic) situations where women’s and other voices are not being heard. What shouldn’t they do?  What have we done, what has ‘worked’ and what hasn’t?””
This is a subset of the following –

a) What does practical solidarity look like?  What are the grey areas – i.e. when can it end up as silencing, ‘white knighting’ and mansplaining?

 b) Does it actually matter if we label ourselves “pro-feminist men” (Marc’s preference) or “feminists” (Steffen‘s)
c) What are the personal reasons/journeys that brought you to an understanding of feminism?
d) What do you do when you meet a woman who doesn’t identify as a feminist?
e) What do you do in situations with other men when someone is being sexist, but not overtly and blatantly so?
f) Which feminist theorists do you like?  Which don’t you like?
g) What changes would you like to see in the way your subculture (academia/activism) behaves
h) What are the big gaps in your feminist *practice* that worry you?  (For me, it’s house cleaning!)
i) What advice would you give your younger self, or a younger activist who wanted to be a solid ally of women?
j) what privileges do we have (able bodied, white, educated, hetero/cis gender) and how do they matter/show themselves.
k) How is feminism portrayed in the mass media – why? by who?  How does that matter.

How is that for starters?

I would propose we ran this at one question per week. We both write a few hundred words, put it up as a blog post, and then engage with whatever comments we do/don’t get.

I can think of a bunch of people who would pitch in at various points….

Author: marchudson

Ex- health care professional, ex-ing activist and ambivalently aspiring academic. Climate doomster. We are so toast.

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